22 Kasım 2012 Perşembe

Pillar Of Cloud

Pillar Of Cloud
This morning I woke up wondering if i’d become collateral damage
If I walked outside would the streets be hammered with air strikes from the clouds above
Would the fountains no longer spill water and instead the...
blood of my brothers and sisters
If when the children got out of school did they have homes to go to

Through the night there were no lights and the only source of power was decorating my city with genocide
I heard cries from a new born til he lost his soul while laying in his fathers arms, then later on he lost his sister and his brother was wounded
They keep saying that the war is looming but I never seen a war like this
A war like rockets landing in the backyard while a family sits at the dinner table eating

Even if it is a good morning we’re still mourning the casualties
But what I love about my people is they got so much soul, pillars falling at their feet and they still won’t fold
I watched the young and old at their knees praying cause they still hold hope close to their hearts.
Tear us apart and we’re back like together like long lost twins

We’re still walking on the clouds with our head in the stars, the end isn’t near but neither is it far.

#Long Live Gaza

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